Forget the Hype: Why “Real-Time” Isn’t Always the Right Time in Social Marketing!

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Forget the Hype: Why “Real-Time” Isn’t Always the Right Time in Social Marketing!


Real-time marketing, newsjacking, trend watching—you’ve heard the hype. Since Oreo’s “Dunk in the Dark” Tweet, brands have been touting the new era of real-time marketing.

Unfortunately, many brands have tried to replicate the “Oreo moment” with little success.  Instead of offering something meaningful, real-time marketing has been reduced to irrelevant and gimmicky ads that bombard customers during every major event or holiday. Examples like Purina’s “Spaniel Day-Lewis” and Special K’s #RedCarpetReady seem to be the norm.

The continuous (and disastrous) failures of real-time marketing suggest that brands need to change their approach. As the CMI points out, the problem with real-time marketing is that it relies on happenstance, whereas it should focus on research, planning, and thoughtful execution. In the eagerness to jump on the newsjacking bandwagon, many brands have missed this point completely.

So, how do you get beyond Super Bowl jokes and Oscar night puns to deliver a message that actually matters?Ditch the real-time marketing pipe dream and go for lasting impact

It’s time to shift your thinking to “right-time” marketing, which will be more meaningful for your audience and will serve your brand better.

Unlike real-time marketing, right-time marketing takes a more long-term and thoughtful approach. It involves analyzing your data in greater depth and spending time researching where your content will have the biggest impact—whether that’s in real time or not.

Right-time marketing means you’re doing more listening than talking. You’re forming ideas based on your customers’ needs and interests rather than one-off events that aren’t relevant to your brand or your customer.

Join Synthesio and Hootsuite, for a discussion on right-time marketing.

In a new live webinar we’re going to cover the topic of right-marketing. Our presenters, Jonathan Caines, Synthesio’s Director of Client Services & Pre-Sales Engineering and Susan Perry, Hootsuite’s Director of Enterprise Product Marketing, will explain how to plan and time your content to get the best results. They’ll also talk about why delivering your message at the right time doesn’t necessarily have to be in real time.

This webinar will cover how to:

  • Build brand loyalty by understanding how your customers use social media
  • Get to know your customers and tailor your outreach to their preferences
  • Use social data to connect customers to content at the right time

Register below for our live webinar. If you can’t make it, we’ll send you a recording afterwards.

Register now!

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