On The Second Day of Blogging: Injecting Fun Into Your Brand

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On The Second Day of Blogging: Injecting Fun Into Your Brand


Please note that this post is a part of our holiday inspired series of blog posts, the “12 Days of Blogging.” We are looking at the brands and the stories that have made the biggest social media splashes in each month of 2014. Today, we continue this series with February:

Of the overused marketing phrases that brands love, none get thrown around more than “be edgy” and “be fun.” However, more of than not, companies aren’t willing to take the risk of actually doing that. This is why for February, we want to look at how Coke ignored the risk, stopped taking themselves so seriously and even poked fun of their own consumers with a hysterical video they released on social media.

Coke Coca Cola Coca-Cola Social Media

In a humorous video, Coke offered up a fake product that was aimed at stopping people from constantly checking their phone and curing their phone addictions, coke branded dog collars. While it is certainly easier for an established and popular brand like Coke to pull something like this off, since they know that in the end this will not offend customers to the point that they will no longer drink Coke, it is a great example of ways that companies can use social media to create a personality and inject fun into their brand.

What do you think of our choice for February? Leave a comment below and let us know. And to learn more about how Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands should be using social media, take a look at our CPG eBook.

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