The Seventh Day of Blogging – Share Useful Content

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The Seventh Day of Blogging – Share Useful Content


Please note that this post is a part of our holiday-inspired series of blog posts, the “12 Days of Blogging.” We are looking at the brands and the stories that have made the biggest social media splashes in each month of 2014. Today, we continue this series with July:

This past Fourth of July, UrbanDaddy went beyond dressing their logo up in red, white and blue, and provided their community with some truly relevant and useful content. They created an interactive guide to watching fireworks in New York City. The map showed exactly where the firework barges were so New Yorkers in different areas of the city can plan their viewing parties accordingly.

Share Useful Content

This awesome and helpful guide was reflective of UrbanDaddy’s brand identity as a one-stop-shop for all entertainment news, as well as incredibly useful for their community.

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