Top 3 Parties in Singapore General Elections 2015

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Top 3 Parties in Singapore General Elections 2015


11 September, is the voting day for the Singapore General Elections 2015 (#GE2015), and before you head out to vote for your chosen political party, it might be interesting to check out which political parties/leaders are being most spoken about (positively/negatively), amongst the netizens over the last few weeks.


Who is the hottest?

According to Synthesio’s Listening dashboard that crawls through more than 600million websites in 50 different languages:

  • People’s Action Party (PAP) is a clear winner with 44.1% online share of voice
  • Followed by a healthy 29.2% share of voice showcased by the Worker’s Party (WP)
  • The Singapore Demarcatic Party (SDP) is a very far away 6.6% share of voice


Who is HOT - SG-GE2015More than 60% of the political conversations seem to be driven via online forums and social media websites, which reasserts the fact that today’s digitally savvy youth are connected and empowered to make better decisions.


PAP vs. WP: Public Sentiments

In the upcoming Singapore General Elections 2015, PAP seemingly has majority on their side, in terms of numbers, but in an attempt to further understand the public sentiment and loyalties (or not), Synthesio’s advanced sentiment analysis, deep dives into guaging the popularity of both PAP and WP amongst Singaporeans.  It’s obvious from the very close number of positive comments from netizens for both PAP and WP, that WP has never been stronger as a contender for the general elections, as they are this year.

pap sentiments WP sentiments


Upon audience-segmenting the Twitter fanbase of PAP vs. WP, PAP approximately has an even distribution of men vs. women (51% vs. 49%) while for WP there was an obvious male majority of 61%. Another fact worth mentioning is that WP has a significantly large group of young supporters within the age group of 18-24 – an obvious bunch of hot blooded youth looking for change, while PAP has a huge supporter group aged 35 years and above – the stereotypically wiser and more stable segment of the population. The common supporters for both said partiers are the ones who are above the age of 24 and below 35 – the voting generation Y. The gen. Y (age 14 – 30) seems to be the majority of WP supporters. They represent approximately 20%  of the economically active population of Singapore, and are confident, restless, tech-savvy, and prefer an unconventional approach.


2015: A Landmark Year of Change for Singapore, or Not?

LKY MOURNUnconventional or not, it’s also worth mentioning that 2015 has been an iconic year for Singapore. Not only has it seen itself completing 50 years of independenc, with a rather elaborate #SG50 celebration, but it was also the year Singapore’s founding father and political patriarch, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew (LKY), passed away. Infact, #GE2015 will be the first election since LKY’s death in March this year. Hence, its not surprising that all eyes are on Singapore’s upcoming elections. The 832 polling stations across Singapore will be opening in about 3 hrs i.e. at 8am SGT, and will remain open for 12 hrs. Since its compulsory for all Singaporeans to vote, a word of advice, from Straits Times, is that the waiting can be longer in the morning peak period, so there is no need to go precisely at 8am.

With that, happy informed voting to all Singaporeans – may the best man/party win!



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