The Sixth Day of Blogging – Create Compelling Content that Resonates

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The Sixth Day of Blogging – Create Compelling Content that Resonates


Please note that this post is a part of our holiday inspired series of blog posts, the “12 Days of Blogging.” We are looking at the brands and the stories that have made the biggest social media splashes in each month of 2014. Today, we continue this series with June:

Every so often, a brand will really nail it with content marketing. Done right, compelling content will hook, entice and delight communities; while humanizing the brand itself, keeping it front of mind. Dove has become a leader in delivering viral videos that don’t just entertain their audience, but they strive to strike a chord with viewers by providing emotionally touching content.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 11.35.14 AMDove Men+Care pulled on our heartstrings last Father’s Day with a sweet and timely marketing campaign called #RealDadMoments, showing clips of children of all ages calling for their dads in all types of situations, from tears, tickles to tantrums.

The short film challenged gender stereotypes and shed a heartwarming light on fatherhood at the perfect time. The touching Father’s Day campaign triggered sharing across all social media channels, and it’s been viewed over 12 million times on Youtube.


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