SMWi Austin: A Texas Sized Social Conference

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SMWi Austin: A Texas Sized Social Conference


This week we were honored to be able to attend and speak at Social Media Week Independent: Austin. It was a fun and informative conference filled with people visiting from near and far that were hungry to learn more about Social Media, Social Data, Social Marketing and, well, everything Social! From amazing speakers to the amazing food in Austin, Texas, this was a great conference for networking and learning.

smwi-austin-synthesio-sessionOne of my highlights of the show was, obviously, attending Synthesio’s session, given by our VP of Global Marketing Greg Roth, “Social Data: Your Customer Said What?” Greg spoke about the similarities between Social Media Marketing and music, something that resonated well with the musically inclined Austin crowd. Greg discussed everything from the need to properly segment your audience (not to mention how to do it) to the importance of choosing the right KPIs and following the proper rules/protocols. And if you don’t believe me, or think that I’m biased, that this metaphor went over well with the audience, then let the audience speak for itself:





With thousands of posts being published online about the conference, I thought I’d wrap up this event recap with a little bit of what we do best at Synthesio: Social Data. Everyone at SMWi Austin was frantically posting great insights and influential information online throughout the conference, but who was SMWi Austin’s top influencers? Below is our list of the top 10 influencers at the conference:


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