Wearables Leads Social Discussions At MWC 2016

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Wearables Leads Social Discussions At MWC 2016


This week, the biggest annual mobile event has been taking place in Barcelona, Spain: Mobile World Congress. With such a great global event, we decided to pull the top trending social discussions surrounding this event: what was being discussed online, who was posting, what drove conversations, etc.

On a global scale, “wearables” drove the most online discussion with the highest social share of voice, followed by “5G” and “video.” Here’s how the rest of MWC’s biggest topics broke down:


An interesting fact that we came across is that due to different levels of mobile adoption globally, we noticed big gaps in numbers from one country to another in terms of volume of discussions, as well as the topics that mattered the most to them. When we noticed this, we decided to look at which topics were the most discussed in different geographical regions and continents, and the results were very interesting:

  • In North America, “wearables” lead the conversation. This was followed closed by “mobile apps” and “video”.
  • In the Asian-Pacific region, “5G” accounted for one-third of all online conversations, leaving wearables and video trailing behind in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.
  • Europe was very similar to North America with “wearables” being the most popular topic of conversation. The second most popular topic of conversation was “video,” with Mark Zuckerberg driving the 3rd most conversations stemming from the speech he gave on the first day of MWC.
  • In Latin America, “video” and Mark Zuckerberg respectively accounted for one-quarter of all conversations, leaving “5G” as the 3rd most discussed topic.

Even though the Mobile World Congress takes place in Barcelona each year, it is discussed globally. Here are the top 10 countries where all the social conversations around MWC were happening:

  1. Spain
  2. United States
  3. United Kingdom
  4. India
  5. France
  6. Germany
  7. Mexico
  8. Italy
  9. Venezuela
  10. Canada


Synthesio will continue to pull data for the 2016 Mobile World Congress, so please feel free to check back for more Mobile World Congress social insights.

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