Developing a Social Intelligence Ecosystem [Webinar]

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Developing a Social Intelligence Ecosystem [Webinar]


An effective and strategic Social Intelligence Ecosystem is key to any successful Social Intelligence or Social Listening program. We are teaming up with Social Data experts from Smarty Social Media and Spredfast (along with our own as well) for Part 2 of our “Social Listening, Social Intelligence…So What?” webinar series to teach you how to develop a Social Intelligence Ecosystem that will help you move past the “So What?” moment with your Social Data.

This webinar will focus on the benefits of a deploying a best-in-breed digital ecosystem. We’ll share some examples of companies thriving within an integrated SaaS ecosystem – as well best practices for managing consumer data and communications on a broad scale.

    Join our webinar to learn:

  • The benefits of deploying a digital ecosystem
  • How to make your organization more agile and efficient
  • How to streamline company-wide collaboration
  • How to scale social across your company and systems
  • How to transform the customer experience


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