Social Intelligence – the secret weapon to social success

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Social Intelligence – the secret weapon to social success


With a theme of “Your Secret Weapon to Social Media Success,” we knew that this was going to be a great event that would be filled with incredible thoughts, tips and tools to help brands grow their social presence and strategy. The event certainly did not disappoint.

With an incredible line-up of speakers, including our very own VP of Client Services Ben Farkas, the information that was given was both humorous and incredibly useful. Tips ranged from Peter Shankman saying “the internet runs on 3 things: drama bragging & cats” to Clay Hebert’s tips on how to save money on advertising by explaining that “landing pages can have a really high ROI because they allow you to only pay the advertising tax once.”

And of course our own Ben Farkas’ tip that “the brands who mature, move up the curve and think strategically to set real, tangible goals.”

“The great thing about Social Fresh was that we were able to have candid conversations with people who wanted to learn but didn’t know where to begin. It was a really fun and energetic conference and I think that everyone left with a deeper understanding and appreciation on how to achieve social media success for their brands,” Ben said at the conclusion of the event.

Since this was a social conference, we decided to also take the opportunity to track the global conversations around the conference. Here are some engaging insights into the overall reach of the event, trending topics and our final list of top influencers driving the conversations.



And as you can see, we definitely had a great time at Social Fresh West and can’t wait to come back next year:

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