Social Listening Proves BBQs Win Father’s Day

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Social Listening Proves BBQs Win Father’s Day


As a dad, I always look forward to Father’s Day weekend, it’s the one weekend a year where I can just say “it’s Father’s Day, so you have to go bother your mother.” While it doesn’t work, it’s always a great feeling to celebrate being a dad over a (usually) warm weekend in June. I find that every year I end up celebrating in different ways so I decided to look into what people were discussing online about how they celebrated the weekend. Using Synthesio’s global Social Listening tool, I was able to analyze how people were spending their Father’s Day weekend based on what they were posting online. Here’s what I found:

I was not at all alone in having a BBQ (and drinking), and yes the image in the banner is actually of my grill and was one round of the great BBQ I made. In fact, based on Social Listening data, celebrating your dad with a BBQ and a drink are the two most popular ways (32.55% and 32.17% respectively of online conversations around Father’s Day) that people talked about honoring their fathers. Going to brunch, which I assume includes a few more drinks (at least mine do), came in at a distant third.


One of the really cool things you can do with a Social Listening tool, which is admittedly more helpful for Marketers trying to understand their audiences behavior more than someone just trying to see how people celebrate Father’s Day, is to look at the breakdown of where the conversations were happening. I had thought that Instagram would be a big contender because people would be posting pictures of themselves with their fathers, but while it was the second most popular online venue for Father’s Day discussions, it was a very distant second to Twitter, which had a whopping 77.76% of the online Father’s Day conversations occurring on it.


Social Listening can also give you further insight into the topics your tracking and how people are talking about them, including letting you see what are the top hashtags used to discuss the topic. As you can see in the top 15 hashtags used to discuss Father’s Day, none are that surprising. The most important are numbers five and six, because it can’t be Father’s Day without a great sale or some quality deals.


At this point, I was curious about who was talking about Father’s Day, so I looked at the demographics of who was posting about it, and one of the things I found really stood out to me.

  • The majority of posts about Father’s Day (54%) were from women, who were likely honoring the dads in their life. I was a little surprised because I thought that men would be posting more about their own Father’s Day experiences, but only 46% of the posts were from males.
  • 18-25 year olds posted the most, followed by 25-35 year olds, 35-45 year olds and then 45-55 year olds.
  • The most popular language to post about Father’s Day in was English, with 57.1% of all mentions occurring in English. After English, the rest of the five most popular languages to discuss Father’s Day online in over the weekend, were Spanish (15.6%), Japanese (6.6%), Portuguese (3.8%) and Turkish (2.8%)

However you spent your Father’s Day weekend (chances are that you spent it having a BBQ and/or drinking), hopefully you had a great weekend and were able to honor and celebrate the great dads in your lives. If you want to learn more about how you can pull data like this for you and your brand or business, just reach out and ask for a demo!


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