The Social Media Analysis of the UK Political Party Conference Season

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The Social Media Analysis of the UK Political Party Conference Season


Would you be interested in knowing which of your top executives and key spokespeople in your organization are creating the most buzz and best connections with your audiences? This study of the UK’s Political Party Conference Season, shows how their ‘chief execs’ (ie Party Leaders and senior members) fared in the eyes of the public and will provide them with valuable insights in the lead up to the next election.

Public Relations firm, MHP Communications – in collaboration with Synthesio – have been looking back at the social media coverage of all three party conferences throughout the UK Political Party Conference Season, and the reaction each party conference received across different social media platforms.

Here are a few highlights from MHP’s Social Media Breakdown:

Conservative Party Conference generated the most conversation on twitter

1. Conservative Party Conference #cpc13 – 82,434 mentions (51% positive)

2. Labour Party Conference  #lab13 – 31,558 mentions (50% positive)

3.  Liberal Democrat Party Conference #ldconf – 26,725 mentions (63% positive)


The leaders reign on social media, too

Over 21,000 social media comments referenced UK’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, more than double mentioning Ed Miliband, Leader of the Labour Party, and four times more than Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister.

“Health and Social Care” most buzzed about Policy at Conservative Conference

‘Health and Social Care’ was the most talked about topic at the Conservative conference.  A statistic perhaps best explained by the 50,000 strong demonstration on Sunday and its focus on combating any potential cuts to the NHS.
Check out MHP’s full social media breakdown below.

@MHPPolitics Social Media Analysis of the Party Conference Season from Synthesio

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