Social Media and Censorship in China

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Social Media and Censorship in China


Breaking Down the Great Firewall of China

This March, we’ve dedicated the entire month to exploring the state of social media in China in 2013, the tremendous advancements in social media generated by our friends in the East, and the inherent value this represents to the world’s leading brands through listening.

There’s certainly no question around the significance of social media worldwide, and the impact it has had on our lives and the way we do business – at a global scale. All over the world marketers have tapped into social media as a way to find and address customer issues in near real-time, manage their brand’s reputation, measure the success of their marketing initiatives, and most importantly, create a two-way dialogue with their customers and community. However, many Western marketers underestimate the importance and value of taking into consideration the unique Chinese social media space and the conversations that are happening right now, around their global brands and competitors.

In the spirit of China Listening Month, we’ve put together an engaging white paper with fascinating statistics and facts around the unique social landscape in China, including the current state of China’s censorship around social networking sites, the latest trends in Chinese social media usage, and the rise of the “copycat” Chinese social media sites.

Check out our white paper below to explore the current state of social media and censorship in China.

Click here for a downloadable PDF version: Social media and Censorship in China

Stay tuned for more compelling and fun posts around everything to do with Chinese social media as we dig deeper into the Chinese social media landscape throughout the rest of the month. For more Chinese social media reading, check out our exciting and surprising infographic: Which Global Celebs are Hot on Chinese Social Media?


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