Social Media Intelligence Finds Cars Drive Buzz At CES 2016

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Social Media Intelligence Finds Cars Drive Buzz At CES 2016


Another CES has come and gone, and obviously we took the opportunity to use our leading global Social Media Intelligence platform to see what people were talking about at the show.

We found that the technology that can now be found in cars drove the most online buzz, with 18.9% of all online mentions around CES 2016 discussing it. What is really interesting is also the positive outlook that people had for these innovations, with 20.2% of all mentions being positive. This trailed only televisions (21%), phones (22.4%) and tablets (27.2%) as the fourth-most positive topic.

Following car technology, we found that the focus of global online conversations surrounded televisions (15.7% of online conversations), wearable technology (11.3%), virtual reality (10.4%), connected home (8.8%), drones (8.5%) and phones (8.3%).


It is interesting to note that most of the most popular topics are technological innovations that are designed to provide a service to a consumer that will make their lives easier and more connected throughout every aspect of their daily life. Whether it is their homes in general, home entertainment systems, cars, watches or phones, innovations that drive a connected life is clearly what interests consumers the most in 2016.

Here is some other interesting information, statistics and data that I found through our Social Media Intelligence platform:

  • 73% of all conversations were being had by men, while only 27% were had by females.
  • CES is the biggest global consumer electronics show, so here are the top five languages that people were discussing it in online:
    • English (70.2%)
    • Spanish (9.5%)
    • French (5.9%)
    • Japanese (2.8%)
    • Portugese (2%)
  • Looking at the word cloud to see what were the top words used to discuss CES, it is even more obvious to see that having a more convenient and connected life is what interested people at the show:


  • Who were the top influencers at CES 2016? Here you go:


Were you at CES? Are you a big fan of the show and followed all the news? What stood out to you about the show? Leave a comment and let us know what your thoughts are!

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