ICYMI: This Week in Social Media and Marketing

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ICYMI: This Week in Social Media and Marketing


Synthesio pulls a roundup of trending social media and marketing stories on a weekly basis. With so much going on this week, we’re excited to share some of this week’s largest stories. From Kanye’s Twitter rants to brands featured on The Grammys, there’s plenty to brush up on.


Here’s the top six social media and marketing stories of this week:


These Brands and Artists Won the Grammys on Social Media via Adweek 

grammys-gag-intel-hed-2016 While Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift were the big winners at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards last night, the two mega-stars were not the most popular on social media, at least according to Engagement Labs’ 2016 ranking of top Grammy-nominated artists. Lamar took home five Grammys and Swift added another three, but Wiz Khalifa, The Weeknd and Charlie Puth were the biggest draws on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, respectively, for the night. Swift was No. 7 on Facebook and Instagram, while Lamar peaked at No. 5 on Twitter.


Instagram Spotlights vs Snapchat Stories vs Twitter Moments via TechCrunch

instagram-twitter-snapchat There is a battle raging for curated social media supremacy. When big things happen, each of these apps wants to be where you see the best of and behind the scenes. They’ve all created their own features that take the work off your hands. Just sit back and watch, swipe or scroll. But how do they feel and what do they do best? Last night we got a rare chance to directly compare Instagram Spotlights, Snapchat Live Stories, and Twitter Moments since they all featured The Grammys. Here’s a look at their strengths, opportunities, and shortcomings.


The Quiet, Smart Growth Of #GirlsWhoCode via Marketing Land

girls-who-code-tech For marketers, knowing what to measure after a campaign goes live has been a difficult question to answer for decades. With so many channels, metrics, tools and spreadsheets to fill out, it can get overwhelming pretty fast. What numbers are the best gauge of your success? When do you declare victory or defeat on a campaign? And how do you know when you’re looking at the wrong number? Usually, you don’t. The key to a good measurement process is focusing on the number that will drive your business — not the easy numbers to get, but the right numbers. Sometimes a quieter story can speak volumes about bottom-line results.


AOL expands ‘Build’ video series, which did 80 million views in 2015 via Digiday

If you build it, will they come? That’s what AOL is hoping, anyway. “Build” is an afternoon talk show, and so far people are coming: It did 80 million views last year. But the company wants more — and the revenue that comes with it — so it is expanding the show’s distribution footprint to make it happen. For “Build,” AOL regularly invites big-name guests — the cast of “Deadpool,” Rebecca Minkoff, Roger Goodell and Senator Claire McCaskill have all been guests — and sits them down for a 30-minute interview. The series is shot inside a studio at AOL’s headquarters in New York and is overseen by executive producer Suzanne Lindbergh, a former Apple marketing executive.

Uganda shuts down social media; candidates arrested on election day via CNN

uganda-social-media Tensions mounted as votes in Uganda are counted in an election that saw the detention of the leading opposition candidate, a ban on social media and allegations of voter fraud. Ugandans voted on Thursday on the fate of President Yoweri Museveni, who is hoping for a fifth term after ruling the nation for the last 30 years. The day began with many politically-minded voters unable to tweet or update their Facebook pages after a government ban on social media. After casting his vote at his home in western Uganda, Museveni defended the ban as a “security measure to avert lies … intended to incite violence and illegal declaration of election results.” Human rights groups condemned the social media clampdown. Many citizens accessed social media sites via encrypted private networks. A similar shutdown occurred during the 2011 general election.


DiGiorno Is Stirring up an Epic Twitter Feud Over Kanye via Fortune

2015 MTV Video Music Awards - Show DiGiorno Pizza has responded to Pizza Hut’s epic Twitter burn against Kanye West, adding to the already buzzed about digital crossfire since the Chicago rapper started tweeting about his legendary accomplishments and need for more money. The Twitter TWTR -1.57% battle started when West tweeted out a series of requests for more money to fund his creative endeavors, claiming that he is $53 million in debt. Along with the request came a stream of his accomplishments, which were put into a sort of visual resume. Pizza Hut entered the mix when the brand quickly let West know that he wasn’t up to its standards.

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