Social media #monitorchat this Thursday July 8

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Social media #monitorchat this Thursday July 8


It’s been a bit since our community manager has hosted a chat about social media monitoring on Twitter, and it’s time to start them back up !

Of course there are conversations constantly circulating the web about web monitoring, online reputation, e-reputation, monitoring in real-time, etc. but numerous Twitterers have asked where the #monitoring chat has gone.

And so, without further ado, we’d like to reintroduce it with your help

#Monitorchat this Thursday, July 8 2010 at 11am ET / 3pm UTC

Doug Konare (@Dougoukolo on Twitter), a specialist in Business Intelligence, will be joining to help us chat about web monitoring and business intelligence. Please bring your questions and thoughts and follow the hashtag #monitorchat on Twitter Search, TweetDeck, Hootsuite, or on What the Hashtag, etc.

We’ve changed the hashtag to make it a unique one that is specific to this chat.

What are you listening to?

We don’t believe in creating social media monitoring solutions that are the same for every company because we know that we are all different. You need something that someone else might not. It’s OK. What’s great about the Internet is the ease with which you can find the information you need and the speed at which you can share it with a friend.

Where we come in is helping to focus on specific information that can help you monitor your company’s online reputation, stay on top of conversations in case of warning signs of a crisis, identify influential people online with respect to your topics, and identify key sites for your digital strategies.

Different solutions for different digital strategies.

See you Thursday!

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