Social Media Monitoring ROI? Here’s The Proof

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Social Media Monitoring ROI? Here’s The Proof


For all the evangelism there is for social media monitoring – often from the vendors themselves – it remains that many brands aren’t sure of the value or business case required to invest in it. Tight marketing budgets appear to have little space for social listening, when consumer insights can be obtained from regular, dependable market research. But there is genuine social intelligence and ROI to be achieved from social media monitoring, which thus far has remained unclear to many senior decision makers amongst marketing and other business teams in big brands.

To illustrate this, we’ve put together the Great Big Book of Insights. Collecting over 30 real world examples of social intelligence and proven social media monitoring ROI, for some of the world’s leading brands, it is a resource that aims to enlighten senior brand decision makers about the valuable insights that can be obtained through monitoring, and how they can be used to drive positive business change.

We utilise cutting edge technology to harvest, influence rank and analyse key conversations pertaining to myriad global brands and products. Ongoing crisis monitoring across 10 countries and languages helped a global mobile phone manufacturer discover their compensation package for a service outage was greeted in wildly different ways in different countries. Our next-generation enterprise engagement platform Unity showed another brand that they could save millions of Euros from reduced call volumes to their customer service centres, as a result of effective online engagement. Meanwhile, the human approach to sentiment and data analysis we employ, allowed us to create deep dive insight reports for a major automotive manufacturer into perceptions towards electric vehicles in Europe – identifying five key barriers to purchase amongst consumers and allowing the brand to address these barriers in their marketing.

These, along with many more examples contained in the guide, present a compelling case for social media monitoring and engagement. By paying attention to what your customers are saying online, you can discover insights you would not have obtained through regular research, and by using these and making your customers’ voice the driver of your business decisions, you can cut costs and increase sales. Read and download the guide below to find out more.

New Media Age recently published an article featuring the Great Big Book of Insights, and an interview with David Parkinson, our client at Nissan. Click here to read it (requires a subscription).

Synthesio’s Great Big Book of Insights from Synthesio

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