Social Media Predicts Mohammed Assaf Will Win Arab Idol

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Social Media Predicts Mohammed Assaf Will Win Arab Idol


arabidolThe Middle Eastern take on American Idol, Arab Idol, has attracted millions of viewers across the Arab world and beyond.

Gaza refugee, Mohammed Assaf, has stolen the hearts of viewers from Gaza and the West Bank, and received tremendous support from Palestinians with his heartfelt performances of traditional Palestinian songs. Assaf has provided many in the troubled region with a sense unity and pride.

Posters bearing Assaf’s face can be seen plastered all across Gaza and the West Bank city of Ramallah – and every Friday and Saturday night, hundreds of Palestinians gather in a part of the city normally reserved for fruit and vegetable sellers to watch Assaf on a large screen.

This massive support from Palestinians all over the world is a likely indication Assaf  has a significant chance of winning this series of Arab Idol – but what impact has he had globally on social media?


Doing what we do best, we took a look at the global online buzz surrounding Arab Idol to analyze where these conversations are coming from, and the global sentiment around the contestants.

Assaf dominates almost half of all online conversations about contestants – Many fans describe him as the ‘Tom Cruise of Arab Idol’. Assaf has even won support from the ex-Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat’s daughter, who is encouraging viewers to vote for him.

As expected, the majority of online debate is coming from the Middle East Especially Saudi Arabia. However Synthesio’s analysis of conversations taking place on social media platforms, blogs, forums and the comment sections of online publications around the world reveals fans are chatting about the show as far afield as South America and the UK, where half of all positive comments relate to Assaf. And 12 per cent of all comments are coming from the US.

Synthesio’s stats predict:

Ahmad Jamal who features in 40 per cent of online discussions will come second.

Farah Youcef will come third, after generating only 12 per cent of conversations online.

Catriona Oldershaw, MD Synthesio UK, says,“Arab Idol and especially the story of Gaza refugee Mohammed Assaf has really captured the attention of a global audience. We’re seeing tens of thousands of comments from all over the world, including the UK and the US. For a talent show to bring people together in this way is quite amazing. If Mohammed Assaf does win, I wish him and the runners-up all the best for the future.”

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