Social Media Reveals the World’s Response to Yahoo’s New Logo [Infographic]

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Social Media Reveals the World’s Response to Yahoo’s New Logo [Infographic]


Love it or hate it, buzz around Yahoo’s new logo has taken social media and beyond by storm.

new logo

After an extensive, month-long buildup, Yahoo finally unveiled its new logo yesterday morning. To generate buzz around the new logo, Yahoo displayed a different variation of the logo on its homepage and throughout its social networks for each of the 30 days leading up to the big reveal.

Amidst this massive web frenzy of comments and opinions around the 30-day buildup and the new logo itself, we decided to conduct a little experiment – doing what we do best. We monitored and analyzed the global online conversations for the 30 days leading up to the unveiling of the new Yahoo logo, as well as the day of launch – to provide you with a detailed snapshot of the tremendous global buzz Yahoo’s new logo has created,

Top Yahoo Logo Buzz Stats

54,506 total online mentions about Yahoo’’s new logo and campaign

18,164  mentions about the new logo

36,342 mentions about the new logo campaign

Total Twitter Reach – 295 Million!

Some of our favorite tweets…..

“Yahoo’s new logo is neat, crisp and with the dancing ‘!’ it is playful too But then who are we talking about.. Ya Who?”

“Would be fantastic if the logo Yahoo unveiled tomorrow is exactly the same as before. One 30 day trolling.”

“What’s that? War on Syria? People of the Internet, look, over there, a new Yahoo logo to complain about!”

Check out the infographic for the FULL breakdown of the tremendous online buzz around Yahoo’s new logo and the preceding campaign – How many people love it? How many people hate it? Find out below!

yahoo logo infographic

A big thanks to Adotas for sharing our infographic!

What do YOU think of the new Yahoo logo? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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