Social Media Users Give Xbox One The Thumbs Up

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Social Media Users Give Xbox One The Thumbs Up


Microsoft’s new Xbox gaming console, unveiled Tuesday, produced over 2 million online conversations globally just hours after its launch. To put it into perspective – in the month leading up to its launch, the new Xbox actually generated 66,000 more online conversations than the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Facebook Phone combined.

At Synthesio, we relish the opportunity to dig deeper into the public conversations surrounding any product launch or event of this magnitude, so we decided to monitor and analyze all social media buzz surrounding the new Xbox. Our analysis of conversations on social media platforms, blogs, forums and the comment section of online publications, revealed that the Xbox One beat most users’ expectations. The week leading up to the launch we recorded widespread indifference around the Xbox One – more than 80% of all conversations registered as neutral.


However, following the launch, positive conversations outnumbered negative by a ratio of 2:1 Users were particularly impressed by the ‘hand gesture’ function

 “The new Xbox was greeted very favorably online. There were hundreds of thousands of positive conversations,” said Catriona Oldershaw, Managing Director at Synthesio UK. “There were few negative comments about the Xbox One, unlike the ‘Facebook phone’ launch, which disappointed social media users. Many were actually surprised by some of the new features Xbox unveiled at the launch.”

Just hours prior to Microsoft’s press conference on Tuesday introducing the Xbox One, Adotas posted the results of our pre-launch study showing the strong social buzz the announcement had generated leading up to the launch.

Adotas announced yesterday that our study around the tremendous Xbox One social media buzz was spot on. Adotas’ coverage of the Xbox Reveal, which included two live video feeds, the Synthesio post and a live Twitter feed, even spurred a substantial spike in Adotas readership! Visits to the Adotas site actually increased 32 percent over the previous day and were 19 percent higher than the previous high for the month!

For more info on the massive social media buzz around the Xbox One launch – check out these articles from publications who have joined us in sharing our findings:, MediaPost & nmk

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