Social Media Week 2011’s Big Winners: JWT, Brazil & LikeMinds

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Social Media Week 2011’s Big Winners: JWT, Brazil & LikeMinds



In February 2011, Social Media Week took place in 9 cities: Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, New York, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, São Paulo and Toronto. Synthesio monitored and analyzed the 27,000 comments published over the week on social media and looked at the breakdown worldwide, country by country to find out who the big winners were worldwide

1. Brazilians were on top of their game with 54% of the total number of comments

social media weekWe just published a white paper about Brazil and the rising interest in social media in Latin America in general, and this week Brazilians walked the walk ! They were the most present on Twitter and Social Media Week Brazil set up a Social Media Week page for people to be able to follow tweets in Portuguese for all of the events worldwide. After LikeMinds, the next most visible Twitterers were all from Brazil, including André Moraes, founder of TuddoWeb; Roberta Martins, Communications specialist; Anderson Alves, Digital Marketing specialist from Brasilia.

2. LikeMinds was the most influential on Twitter

WeAreLikeMinds was the top twitter account worldwide for the event, with a total of 278 on-topic updates and overall influence score of 6.0/10 bringing the account to a score of 1,668. We highlight the fact that “influence” is a general score that has been attributed to each Twitter account in our index, while the score takes into account the number of on-topic tweets. If we compare this to Bruno Gagliasso we can immediately see the difference. Bruno’s 864,000 followers (and only following 253) as well as other components give him a general “influential” SynthesioRank, but as he only sent one tweet about his talk in Sao Paulo he did not rank as “influential” for the event as others. (Learn more about our influence ranking [PDF] )

3. Social media week blew it on Facebook

social media week chartIf we take a look at the Facebook pages created for the event, the Social Media Week page clearly has the most fans (11,886), but in terms of number of contributions, Social Media Week Rome’s page beat out the umbrella group with a total of 225 contributions from fans and the page itself throughout the week. Sao Paulo, Istanbul, and Hong Kong rounded off the top 5 in terms of contributions.
social media week influencers

There is still some work to be done on Facebook, as we can see that the top contributors were the Sao Paulo, Istanbul, and Rome Social Media Week pages, themselves. However, about ¾ of the contributors were active, including top contributors Petya N. Georgieva from Bulgaria, Benjamin Mackie from Hong Kong, Jonathan Bunning from Canada, and Robert Piattelli from Italy.

4. Top stories Country by Country

Everyone tweeted about who was speaking, encouragements to attend social media week, etc. but we looked at the verbatims from each country to see if there were other subjects that stood out.


In Brazil, JWT was one of the top keywords, particularly due to JWT Brazil’s presentation on Wednesday “verdades, mentiras e mídias sociais” that currently has almost 20,000 views on Slideshare. While sentiment was neutral for the majority of tweets that simply relayed information about the event, the presentation reached larger audiences via traditional media like Globo, Folha Online, and MSN Brasil. These sites relayed JWT’s findings that contrary to the U.S., Brazilian social media does not “govern” traditional media. At best, it serves as a reference for measuring “new trends”. One explanation was the small number of professional bloggers in Brazil. JWT also trended in Canada and the U.S. with JWTCanada, and JWTNewYork.

Brazil, in general, though, shone through as the country with the most visible Twitter users and highlighted people’s desire to include others in the mix, inviting their followers (“seguidores”, “gente”) to follow along with the events. Social Media Week Brazil also set up a Social Media Week page for people to be able to follow tweets in Portuguese for all of the events worldwide.


U.K. : LikeMinds

In the U.K. (as well as in the U.S.) verbatim highlighted LikeMinds as the leading Twitter account and hashtag for the events, as well as the other Social Media Week hashtags from around the world. LikeMinds was also a trending topic in the U.K. particularly on Wednesday thanks to James Poulter’s talk on Social Commerce. NokiaConnects and TechMap also trended, with Nokia tracking the event via its #NokiaConnects app and TechMap hosting the London edition of the event.

ITALY : Barrilla’s and la Dolce Vita

In Italy, people attending Social Media Week highlighted Pepe Moedler’s presentation for Barilla (Digital Marketing and Communications director) as well as the Dolce Vita party Friday February 11th at the White Club in Rome.

US : NYC and massive participation

There were 2 events in the U.S. last week, in New York and San Francisco, but the hashtag #smwnyc took all. For certain Google events (conversations around them peaked on Monday and Tuesday) more spots were opened up at the last minute to allow as much participation as possible. Other keywords like “influence” and “innovation” stood out, as well as the number of people checking into Foursquare (the most worldwide).

HONG KONG : Gratitude flashmobs

Although a gratitude flashmob (declaring what you’re grateful for on Twitter with the hashtag #gratitudehk) was organized and Marketing Magazine shared their enthusiasm for Social Media Week in Hong Kong via a YouTube video, there was little social data throughout the week. We’ll be keeping our eye on this to see if some information comes out after the fact.

CANADA : Facebook

Canada was also fairly quiet online like Hong Kong, apart from Friday when we saw trending around Facebook, mostly due to Facebook’s “The People Web” presentation at maRS with some great stats to accompany their presentation. For example did you know :

  • Over 2 million sites have incorporated the Facebook “Like” functionality
  • Facebook reaches the equivalent of 2 Superbowls per day
  • In 2010 there were 7.9 registrations on Facebook per second
  • Canadians have more friends: 190 friends on average vs 130 worldwide
  • Facebook’s goal is “the democratization of influence” – so we can each be our own “Oprah” of something


Sentiment Analysis : Good job, SMW !

From the online data it looks as though Social Media Week was a success throughout the world. The main sentiment terms we detected were “love” and “interesting” (U.K.), “interessante” (Brazil), and ‘happy” and “love” again in the US.

You can watch replays of the livestreams here and get ready for more in September !

Did you participate in any of the events? Leave your feedback below and don’t forget to check your ranking 😉

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