Social Media Week 2012 – Synthesio’s Global Influencer Analysis

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Social Media Week 2012 – Synthesio’s Global Influencer Analysis


Social Media Week 2012 analysis

As you’ll all be aware now, Social Media Week took place last week, sweeping the digital world, and taking over our Twitter feeds. This time around, the social media madness occurred within 13 cities throughout the world, and its growth year over year is undeniable and quite astounding.

According to Social Media Week’s handy “Facts & Figures” page, the event has witnessed an incredible 72% increase in the total number of tweets (275,000) compared to SMW of February 2011 – a definite reminder of the speed, reach and power of social media throughout the world – and with 36,000 physical attendees at 1,050 events in 493 cities worldwide, there is no doubt that SMW is truly becoming a global phenomenon.

At Synthesio, we consider ourselves as somewhat of an expert in Global Social Media Monitoring, as we tend to help out a global brand or two from time to time, and so, once again, we were interested in measuring the global reach of the event, and due to public demand, we’ve pulled in our SynthesioRank influence ranking system to keep our tradition alive and reveal the top influencers driving the SMW conversation worldwide.

This time our Twitter listening was slightly different from SMW’s, as we turned on our Twitter Firehose to collect all Tweets mentioning the official SMW hashtags – #SMW12 and the tags for each host city – and left out the handles. Timeframe of data is Sept 24 – 28, 2012.

The result is simple – an interesting bird’s eye view for the global reach of SMW Twitter buzz, and of course the star of the show – your top influencers – below you’ll find the Global Top 10 Influencers and the Top 10 Influencers for each of the top 3 most active countries.

Many Likes, Retweets and congratulatory comments to the top Influencers who have impacted the perception of Social Media Week and helped shape the online experience – Enjoy our Social Media Week 2012 analysis!

See you in February at #SMW13!

Social Media Week Global Twitter Buzz – Top 5 Countries

SMW World Map

* Data takes into account only geographically-identifiable tweets.

Top 10 SMW Twitter Influencers – Global

Global Twitter Influencers

Top 10 SMW Twitter Influencers – US

US Twitter Influencers

Top 10 SMW Twitter Influencers – UK

UK Twitter Influencers

Top 10 SMW Twitter Influencers – Colombia

Colombia Top Influencers

** Influencers are ranked via SynthesioRank proprietary influence ranking system, which calculates for numerous media types a website, user, or individual verbatim as it pertains to any given topic, event or brand.
For Twitter, influencers are ranked via number of total tweets, followers, listed, and most importantly, the number of on-topic tweets.

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