Social Media Week 2012 – The Top Influencers At Half-Time

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Social Media Week 2012 – The Top Influencers At Half-Time


Is it that time again? Excellent. The Social Media Week juggernaut rolled into town for the second time this year, uniting 13 cities across the world to talk about how social media is shaping our society, and its place in business as an elementary part of the marketing, research and customer service mix. Continuing on from the last SMW in February, the theme for the week is ‘Empowering Change Through Collaboration’ – the basic premise of which is if we as a society are more connected, we will foster a more sustainable and prosperous world to live in. Inspiring stuff!

Social Media Week 2012

As we reach the halfway point of Social Media Week 2012, we thought we’d give shoutouts to the Top Twitter Influencers that we’ve found through our monitoring of this global event so far. These are people of a high SynthesioRank influence score (click to find out more), who have posted the most on-topic, Social Media Week related tweets, since the beginning of the global conference.

Congratulations to the 10 of you! Who will make a push up the leaderboard in pursuit of the top spot at the end of the week? Look out for our post-game rankings coming early next week!

#1. Rodrigo Salazar @RodriSalazar
#2. Todor Krecu @tkrecu
#3. El Community Manager @ElCommunityMgr
#4. Rhiannon Hughes @Rhi_Hughes
#5. Jordi Bufi Caballero @JordiBufi
#6. Bess Hepworth @BonzaPie
#7. Giovanna Cartolari @Gio_K_80
#8. Andrew Aparicio @TAXI_Andrew
#9. Hera Hussain @herahussain
#10. Gabrielle Laine Peters @GabrielleNYC

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