Social Media Week 2013 – Synthesio Post-Game Report [Infographic]

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Social Media Week 2013 – Synthesio Post-Game Report [Infographic]


Last week, Social Media Week celebrated its fifth birthday and marked this milestone with a unifying global theme that represents the connectedness  and openness of the collaborative, digital world. The theme, Open & Connected, will serve as a framework for the thousands of individuals and organizations around the world to draw inspiration from and utilize to develop their own original ideas, content and discussions as part of Social Media Week events over the next 12 months.

Reflective of this global theme, people gathered at over 500 events in 10 cities worldwide to collaborate, learn and share ideas on the seemingly endless possibilities and opportunities in social media.

We monitored Twitter buzz for all Social Media Week locations for the entire duration of the event, in order to capture the tremendous web frenzy of SMW conversations that has taken the twitterverse by storm. We’ve put together an engaging infographic to provide you with insights into the overall reach of the event, trending topics, and of course, our list of top influencers driving the conversations. As always, congratulations to the top influencers on our list; it was a close race between some big names!

Enjoy our Social Media Week infographic below. 

Synthesio #SMW13 Infographic

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