Social Media Week 2013 – The Halftime Report [Infographic]

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Social Media Week 2013 – The Halftime Report [Infographic]


Social-Media-Week-logoThis week, 8 cities around the world are celebrating the tremendous social, cultural and economic impact of social media as Social Media Week marks it’s fifth year of operation and with a unifying global theme that explores openness in a connected and collaborative world.

What would you guess are the top 3 languages tweeting and posting about Social Media Week? If you guessed English, Spanish and Indonesian, you’d be right.

Social Media Week is a truly worldwide event with local presence and global reach across five continents, including Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia. At Synthesio, we eagerly jump on the opportunity to analyze global conversations around an event of this magnitude,  so we decided to track all social media conversations surrounding Social Media Week 2013, to provide you with engaging insights into the overall worldwide reach of the event, trending topics, and our list of top influencers driving the conversations.

So, now it’s halftime for SMW13 and we invite you to stand up, stretch, grab a drink, and enjoy the Synthesio SMW Halftime Report. Congrats to the top influencers, and don’t forget to check back for the full Post-Game Analysis!

Total SMW Mentions

Over 58,000 mentions in only 3 days!

Most Social Media Mentions by Country

UK – over 13, 000 mentions

U.S. –  over 11, 50 mentions

Indonesia – over 4, 800 mentions

Canada – over 3,600 mentions

India over 3,100 mentions

Top SMW Global Influencers


Top Trending SMW Topics


#SMW13 Twitter Takeaways

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