Social Media Week 2013 – The Post Game Report

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Social Media Week 2013 – The Post Game Report


Social Media Week 2013What would you guess were the top three languages tweeting and posting about Social Media Week 2013? If you guessed English, German and Spanish, you’d be right.

Last week, eight cities around the world celebrated Social Media Week, a truly worldwide event with local presence and global reach across five continents, including Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia.

At Synthesio, we eagerly jump on the opportunity to analyze global online conversations around an event with such a web frenzy around it,  so we decided to track all social media conversations surrounding Social Media Week 2013, to provide you with engaging insights into the overall worldwide reach of the event, trending topics, and our list of top influencers driving the conversations.

Some of the top trending topics include: #SMWChicago, #SMW Toronto, Amazing, Love, #SMWFutureTrends – representative of the thought-provoking and innovative sessions at Social Media Week, and a good indication that out of the eight cities participating, SMW Chicago and SMW Toronto stole the show this year.

Here’s an interesting bird’s eye view for the global reach of SMW social media buzz, and of course the star of the show – your top influencers.

See you in February at #SMW14!

Total Social Media Week 2013 Mentions on Social Media

Over 105,500 tweets in 5 days!

Top Cities Tweeting about Social Media Week 2013





Los Angeles

social media week 2013 twitter heatmap

Top Countries Driving the Social Media Week 2013 Conversation

United States

United Kingdom




Top Languages posting about Social Media Week 2013






Most Popular Topics of Social Media Week 2013


Top Influencers Driving the Conversation at SMW

User On-topic tweets Score Influence Followers Following
@wearelikeminds 4356 440 9.9 4293 4575
@FR314 4118 429 9.6 787 591
@si0007 3700 370 10 1378 727
@naullyn 3490 349 10 1958 2001
@AmidHorizon 3064 557 5.5 358 116
@andresacosta20 3010 304 9.9 2310 2418
@delph003 2940 363 8.1 528 597
@NestleColombia 2460 246 10 27710 587
@LauraMantilla 2367 244 9.7 1005 1320
@amithpanchal 2210 221 10 1870 1668

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