2016 Social Media Week NY Day 1 Takeaways

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2016 Social Media Week NY Day 1 Takeaways


Social Media Week is probably my favorite week of the year, and this year (like last year) Synthesio was one of the key sponsors and had a great session with our Chief Strategy Officer Matthew Zito.

Here are are a few of my favorite sessions from Day 1 at Social Media Week New York, what I thought their key takeaways were and the hashtag you can search on Twitter for cool insights and quotes from the sessions:


Social Media Measurement: How Everyone Wins, Presented By IAB


In this session, 4A’s, IAB and WOMMA covered the MRC Social Measurement Guidelines. These guidelines establish a methodology for brands and agencies that are active on social media. It helps online marketers understand how it how it has an effect on the content that is being distributed by brands. In this session, Ogilvy Red’s Peter Fasano stated, “There are different metrics that matter for different teams. Prioritize them based on your needs.” Key takeaway: not all reach is created equal. The hashtag for this event was #SMWSocialROI.


How Data And Analytics Can Transform And Enhance Native Advertising Opportunities Presented By Forbes Media

Simple Reach’s Edward Kim stated, “How do we bring ourselves to our potential customers? Content is the way to do that and we must measure it.” In this session, Forbes spoke on how today’s intelligent data effects how native advertising performs, and what methodology people are following. With today’s advanced technology, data and analytics are at our fingertips. It is up to us marketers to make use of this data and make sure we use it to make smarter business decisions. Key takeaway: Create content that’s scalable. The hashtag for this session was #SMWNative.


Avoid Social Chimpery: Use Social ROI To Build Quality Campaigns And Stop Flinging Crap!


In our 3pm session at the SVA Theater, our Chief Strategy Officer Matthew Zito talked about social data and how important it is to align it with your customer journey so that you can get a real ROI on the social data and campaigns you have, and use it to make even better campaigns and business plans moving forward. If you were unable to attend our Social Chimpery session at this year’s Social Media Week, feel free to download our free ebook: “Avoid Social Chimpery: Stop Flinging Crap and Start Building Quality Campaigns.” Key takeaway: Use social data to help build quality campaigns. The hashtag for our session was #SMWChimpery.


Making The Invisible Visible: The Evolving Roles Of Data, Trust And Transparency In Advertising And Publishing, Presented By The Economist Group

Tonia Ries of Edelman PR stated, “Brands have a license to be part of the conversation today” and that is important because if you are not present and active with today’s digital conversation, it will be hard to keep up. Conversation is everywhere and it’s up to your brand to engage with what is true to your values and most relevant. In this session, we learned how data plays a role in today’s publishing platforms. From both B2B and B2C brands, we learned strategies from adhering with today’s new digital standards to continuing to engage with native advertising to even ensuring that your voice does not have too much transparency. Data fuels content and it is important to measure the strength of your content marketing efforts. Key takeaway: Make sure conversations are clear and transparent for the audience you are trying to reach. The hashtag for this session was #SMWEconomist.


The New World Of Social: How Publishers Are Using Messaging Platforms To Engage With Audiences


In this session, we were able to learn from key influential brands and their opinions on how publishers are using messaging platforms. These brands included CNN, Mashable, Block Party and The Wall Street Journal. Carla Zanoni of The New York Times stated, “You can’t just post anything at anytime. You have to learn about and know your audience.” If your brand is relevant on a platform where your consumers are not present, that would not benefit your brand. But, with today’s constantly abundance of digital platforms and engaged users, it is important to be relevant to them. Be relevant, be visible to your audience and engage with your audience. “Provide access to audiences that may not be able to be there and give them different resources” said Ryan Lytle of Mashable. With all of these new ways of marketing to our new digital audience, it is important to it is important to work these new digital and mobile platforms to your business marketing strategy. Lastly, measure your digital and mobile efforts. How well are these efforts working? Who are you reaching. Carla Zanoni stated, “It’s not just if you can get the data. It’s what you do with the data.” Use these metrics to your advantage and learn from how well they work. Key takeaway: Learn your audience and find out which public platforms they will use to engage with your brand. The hashtag for this session was #SMWMessagingApps.


Feel free to check back for key takeaways for the rest of the week.

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