2016 Social Media Week NY Day 2 Takeaways

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2016 Social Media Week NY Day 2 Takeaways


Day two of Social Media Week New York was filled with notable sessions, quotable moments, interesting stats and of course WOMMA and 360i’s Wine Wednesday event.


Keynote: Leveraging Creativity, Technology, Culture: Reality Through VR-Tinted Goggles

In the first morning session, we heard from Google, General Electric, The New York Times and Giant Spoon. They covered how virtual reality plays a huge roll in story telling. The Three P’s from this session include: purpose, presence and proximity. When introducing a new product, it is important to think of how you will strategically market it. How will this product be marketed? What content will surround this product? How will I approach the consumers online? When we think of an idea, we think through the content around it. “With a product like VR, we are redefining brand experiences. It’s the full story.” said Trevor Guthrie from Giant Spoon. Key takeaway: There’s an ongoing notion of something being revealed. Virtual Reality is a way to bring humanity to life. The hashtag to follow along with information from this session is: #SMWNYT.


Atomization Of Business: Content Strategies For Speed, Quality, And Efficiency



The speaker for this session was Dan Gardner, the Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director at Code and Theory. Alignment of vision and office spaces that encourage real-time cross-discipline collaboration. Today’s content is so fast-paced and it is important for teams to work together to properly market this content. He stated, “Capture further engagement through owned platforms and distribute it out.” If you are a considered brand to your audience, get more data to retarget them and redistribute. Autonomizing a content strategy must include quantity, quality and frequency. Key takeaway: Relevance over differentiation! The hashtag to follow along with information from this session is: #SMWAtomization.


The New Generation Of Social Influencers

In “The New Generation Of Social Influencers,” we learned how social starts are leading the social conversations by their large following and high levels of engagement. Lucie Greene of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide stated “Influencers as the stars of campaigns rather than celebrities.” In today’s digital world, you might get a bigger reaction from influencers, rather than paying for a celebrity to voice your message. This session was a great send off to WOMMA and 360i’s influencer evening event. Key takeaway: The hashtag to follow along with information from this session is: #SMWSocialInfluence.


WOMMA WINE WEDNESDAY – Unleash The Influencer: How Brands Are Making Partner Content Work Harder


Last night, Synthesio was in attendance for WOMMA and 360i’s Wine Wednesday event at 360i’s office. It was great to connect with a few marketers and discuss how influencers are playing a huge roll in today’s marketing strategies. Speakers at this event included 360i’s Scott Daly, ABSOLUT’s Nicholas Guastaferro and HeSpokeStyle’s Brian Sacawa. Nicholas Guastaferro expressed, “Getting the message out starts with selecting the right influencers.” Key takeaway: It is important for brands and influencers to build strong relationships. The hashtag to follow along with information from this session is: #SMWWineWednesday.


Check back for more notable moments from Social Media Week New York.

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