The Social Shake-Up Post Game Report

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The Social Shake-Up Post Game Report


Social Shake-Up logoSocial Media Today’s Social Shake-Up in Atlanta has come to an end, but with over 11,900 mentions on social media over the past few days, it definitely left its mark on the digital community of Atlanta and beyond.

At Synthesio, we eagerly jump on the opportunity to track global conversations around an event of this magnitude, and with such a web frenzy surrounding Social Shake-Up, we decided to take a sip from our Twitter Firehose and track all Twitter conversations surrounding the event. Here are some engaging insights into the overall reach of the event, trending topics and our final list of top influencers driving the conversations.

Total Mentions

Over 11,900

Most Popular Topics

Social Shake-Up word cloud

Top 10 Influencers

Social Shake-Up influencers

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