South By Southwest Interactive – The Social Media Halftime Report

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South By Southwest Interactive – The Social Media Halftime Report


South By Southwest InteractiveFor the last few days, thousands of South by Southwest Interactive conversations took the twitterverse by storm. It’s SXSW! The biggest technology and culture festival of the year, started Friday, March 13, all over downtown Austin. The annual Festival brought the unique convergence of original music, independent films, and emerging technologies. This SXSW continued its success in solidifying the event’s reputation as the place for entrepreneurs tech investors, musicians and filmmakers, to see and be seen…with a little help from Twitter.

The online conversations happening around SXSW help bring the tremendous buzz and excitement from the streets of Austin, to the offices and homes of marketers, technologists and musicians alike, providing those all over the world a way to participate in the conversations around all the conferences, concerts and parties taking the streets of Austin by storm.

At Synthesio, we eagerly jump on the opportunity to track global conversations around an event of this magnitude with such a web frenzy surrounding it. So, we tracked the tremendous global buzz around SXSWi, and the top influencers driving the conversations in our real-time live leaderboard.

So, now it’s halftime for SXSWi and we invite you to stand up, stretch, grab a drink, and enjoy the Synthesio SXSWi Halftime Report. Congrats to the top influencers, and don’t forget to check back for the full Post-Game Analysis!


Top SXSWi stats

Almost 50K mentions in 4 days!

55% of all mentions come from males, while 45% come from females

 Massive global Twitter buzz in: Top 5 languages for mentions across 205 countries:

 English (92.5% of mentions)

Spanish (2.5%)

French (1.2%)

German (0.6%)

Portuguese (0.6%)

 Top 3 Countries Tweeting SXSWi:

US – 61.5%

UK – 2.92%

Canada -2.46%

 Top Topics

South By Southwest Interactive Word Cloud

Top Influencers

South By Southwest Interactive Influencers

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