Synthesio and Microsoft Tackle British and Irish Lions Rugby Tour 2013

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Synthesio and Microsoft Tackle British and Irish Lions Rugby Tour 2013



Every four years, one of the key events in the global Rugby Union calendar happens a ‘super’ team of the best players from England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland is selected to tour Australia, New Zealand or South Africa as ‘The Lions’. The significance of these tours for followers of rugby is huge and tends to bring out the best in fans the world over. (For those not completely familiar with the Rugby Union and how it differs from Rugby League and American Football, this post from the Guardian US might be helpful!).

This year, Microsoft is a principal sponsor of the Lions Tour of Australia, creating a rich and engaging programme of sponsorship activities designed to develop an emotional connection with customers around their pride and passion for rugby. Synthesio is working with Microsoft to track the impact of the campaign on social channels – monitoring all the conversations generated through the sponsorship globally to enable Microsoft to optimize its activities as the tour unfolds and maximize the impact of its investment. We’ve worked on similar sponsorship evaluation monitoring projects for the likes of BT around the London 2012 Olympics, McDonald’s for UEFA 2012, and Vodafone for its association with Formula 1.

For the Lions Tour, we’re also monitoring conversations about the players themselves, to provide interesting content for use within Microsoft’s broader sponsorship campaign. Quirky social stats are being tweeted out by Microsoft’s tour spokesperson (and English rugby legend), Will Greenwood, and our data is being used to fuel graphs on Microsoft Office 365’s Graphing the Game microsite and to provide a social perspective to MSN’s coverage of the tour.

Interestingly, MSN is comparing our Social Reputation Score (SRS) figures for each player’s performance during the game, with other types of performance statistics to explore the differences between traditional performance measures and fans’ perceptions of the players’ performances as expressed online. It’s an unusual but exciting application of SRS, which is used by some of our biggest clients to measure their brand’s online reputation and benchmark themselves against their competitors.



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