Synthesio Announces “Klout for Grownups”

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Synthesio Announces “Klout for Grownups”


Advanced Influence Ranking System for Businesses & Agencies

At Synthesio, we don’t rely on the popular service ‘Klout’ for influencer identification, as has become commonplace with other listening providers. Instead, we’ve built our own influence ranking system from the ground up; a business-oriented influencer tool, specifically designed for helping the world’s leading brands and agencies to identify the sites and users that matter most to them.

Our proprietary influence ranking system, called SynthesioRank, is 100% automated, and has already been road-tested and successfully implemented by a number of our clients globally including Microsoft and Nissan. It leverages a unique set of calculations for each media type – Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo, Blogs, Mainstream sites, etc. – and is built into both our global social media monitoring dashboards, and our enterprise level Social CRM engagement platform, Unity. The result is a powerful, industry-leading tool built with the needs of brands and agencies in mind. By contrast, Klout and others like Kred have gained popularity with consumers by providing a fun method with which to measure their personal influence, but lack the consistency, accuracy and advanced calculations per media type to truly be valuable to businesses, as SynthesioRank strives to be.

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According to Loic Moisand, our CEO, “As more and more brands begin to understand the massive value associated with listening to social media banter, the next question inevitably becomes, ‘who should we pay attention to most, and on which sites should we be focusing our communications and budgets?’ As a result, ‘Influencer Identification’ has become a hot topic, so we’re excited to be the first social media monitoring company to truly create a ‘Klout for Grownups’, an advanced, consistent and accurate system to help the companies identify the influencers that matter most to their unique needs – and with companies like Microsoft, Nissan and L’Oreal jumping aboard, it seems like we’re onto something pretty big here.”

With SynthesioRank, companies may now identify influence on a number of levels including websites, users and even down to an individual mention. In other words, if Apple were to monitor online conversations surrounding their latest iPhone for example, they could instantaneously see which are the top influential websites mentioning the product (broken down per media type – mainstream, blogs, forums, etc.), who are the top influential users driving the conversations, and they could even prioritize the massive amounts of data by focusing on the most influential mentions first. What’s more, all influencer lists may be broken down per country and even topic and subtopic, allowing various departments of a brand to identify the influencers that are most important to them – so Apple could easily see influencer lists for each product like iPhone and Macbook Pro, and even fine-tune further to see those talking about iPhone’s Siri, MacBook Pro’s new Retina Display, their pricing or their TV ads…

Most importantly perhaps, SynthesioRank’s various calculations include relevant influence as well, taking into account how many on-topic mentions have been posted on a given site, or mentioned by a given user. This is extremely valuable because a person on Twitter, for example, who has 1 million followers might be seen as influential in general, but if he’s never mentioned your brand, perhaps he’s not particularly influential for you.

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“The value of SynthesioRank is in its advanced calculations and in the vast selection of influencer types and filters available for brands and agencies to leverage. For example one Twitter user is ranked via the number of on-topic tweets, total tweets, followers, following, and how many times they’ve been listed, whereas a mainstream website is ranked via the on-topic mentions, frequency of updates, their Alexa Rank for traffic, Google PageRank, and even the placement of the mention within the article (a comment has a lower weight than a title mention). You simply cannot find this level of influencer detail and value anywhere else. In addition to ranking influential users on Twitter and Facebook, some unique features include rankings for Facebook groups/fan-pages, country-specific sites like Sina Weibo, other sites like blogs, forums, and mainstream news sites, and even YouTube videos and YouTube channels. It’s all there in one, extremely intuitive and user-friendly platform.” says Loic.

We’re delighted to have already received press about this announcement at the Holmes Report – you can read their article here.

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