Synthesio Celebrates 1 Year of Global Social Listening in China and Russia

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Synthesio Celebrates 1 Year of Global Social Listening in China and Russia


globalThis summer marks the first anniversary of Synthesio’s pioneering effort to allow brands to listen to social media in China and Russia. Since 2006, Synthesio has been known as The Global Listening Experts and for the past year has been monitoring top social networks in the East, including Russia’s VKontakte, China’s Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, Renren, Tudou, Youku and many others for brands such as Nissan, Johnson & Johnson, Blackberry, Jameson, Bodog, Hero Baby and more…

In addition to providing global data in 190+ countries & 50+ languages from the most prevalent social sites in each region, Synthesio also leverages an international team, native to each region to help clients better understand consumers and cultures in these markets. In March 2013, as part of Synthesio’s China Social Media Listening Month, Synthesio produced a white paper on social media censorship in China dubbed: Breaking Down the Great Firewall of China. Interesting findings included Lay’s potato chips managing to increase sales from Happy Farmer players (the copycat version of Facebook’s Farmville) by 20% after allowing players to grow their own potatoes and “purchase” Lay’s chip factories.

A recent Synthesio study revealed that in Russia, despite only 20% of the population is active on social media, those who are connected to the internet spend more time on their social networks than in any other country in the world. Most Russian social network users prefer to use their local Russian sites, and Odnoklassniki, as opposed to global platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, something which global brands need to understand before entering the market.

A brand who has benefited from social media monitoring in China is Bodog (a leading online gaming company). They use Synthesio’s Global Listening Platform for on-going market research and said: “The key component at the heart of any social media strategy is listening and with Synthesio as our partner-of-choice, we can do just that so we provide the content and interaction our customers actually want. Guessing doesn’t work and like any part of a business if you’re not providing what the customer wants you are not doing your job, why should social media be any different?” More info on Bodog’s partnership with Synthesio here.

On the future of Synthesio’s monitoring in Russia and China, Loic Moisand, CEO, and Co-Founder of Synthesio said:

“For over a year now, expanding our listening into Russia and China has been both challenging and exciting on many levels. We have had to overcome significant technical barriers within these markets and provide local, cultural expertise in order to produce reliable and useful data for our clients in Asia. These are truly fascinating markets and we look forward to continuing to innovate and lead the way.”

Big thanks to the publications that have joined us in sharing our celebratory news! Yahoo Finance, The Street, KWQC News and WSAV News.

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