Synthesio Consumer screens 5 million Internet user opinions each month

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Synthesio Consumer screens 5 million Internet user opinions each month


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According to an Ipsos study, Internet users place twice as much trust in the opinions of other Internet consumers than in advertisements, and 44% of them have already been known to cancel orders because of negative comments they read on the Internet.

That’s why Synthesio, a start-up founded in 2006 by two ESSEC graduates, has chosen to create a qualitative and quantitative analysis tool for brand reputation management.

Consumer, a true pollster of opinion, monitors over 5 million Internet user opinions each month worldwide.

The innovative technologies developed by Synthesio offer Marketing and Communications managers a way to follow their brands in real time in all forms of alternative media: discussion forums, blogs, comments and consumer reviews, video-sharing sites (Youtube, Dailymotion, etc.) and now, shopping sites (Ebay, Kelkoo, etc.)

Consumer clients are immediately alerted as soon as a controversial discussion threatens their brand’s image, while an online dashboard analyses rumors and trends for them that are associated with their key strategic subject matters. Influencers (brand advocates and detractors) are identified in order to offer the ability to react immediately.

Loic Moisand, one of Synthesio‘s co-founders, reiterates that “one article published on an influential site can generate several hundreds of Internet user comments in a few hours. That’s why we inform our clients ahead of time, before negative buzz has the time to propagate throughout the web.”

Conceived in collaboration with 150 Marketing and Communications experts, Consumer is already in use by 25 noteworthy brands (Nike, Accor, etc.)

About Synthesio

A firm specialized in online monitoring and analysis, Synthesio studies companies’ images on the web. The services developed by the firm are geared towards Marketing, Communications and reputation management executives: trend studies, image diagnoses, crisis monitoring, positioning among rivals, and customized monitoring platforms.

Synthesio relies on its innovative technologies to monitor over 100,000 information sources in 130 countries in real time (online press, blogs, forums, video-sharing sites, consumer reviews, online shopping sites).

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