Synthesio Global Listening Announces Groundbreaking New Report Builder

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Synthesio Global Listening Announces Groundbreaking New Report Builder


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We’re pleased to announce the launch of a truly groundbreaking new feature today – The Synthesio Report Builder.

Report Builder will now be seamlessly built-into the Synthesio Global Listening Platform, letting you collect data in 190+ countries & 50+ languages, and now – automatically build your PowerPoint analysis reports directly within the platform – dramatically faster and easier than ever before.

At Synthesio we believe in providing the best social listening experience – the widest global coverage, coupled with best-in-class data quality and the most powerful yet simple platform around. Providing clients with simple valuable insights without the headaches for truly Happy Listening!


Report Builder is the next step to help clients create top quality reports in a fraction of the time. A bleeding-edge listening innovation that you won’t find anywhere else.


Here are a few highlights:

 – Easily create advanced reports containing everything you’d expect in a quality report – advanced visuals, qualitative analysis summaries, etc.

Choose from Synthesio’s wide array of widgets and charts: Influencers, brand trends, industry trends, sentiment analysis, topic volume timelines, competitive analysis, and more.

Simply click to choose your visuals for each slide directly within the listening platform, type in your analysis, and export. Reports may be exported directly to PDF, or to PPT and further fine-tuned with your color-schemes, branding, etc.

Ongoing reports are created instantly. Ideal for periodic weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports. The latest data is dynamically updated within each slide of your report. Just click update and export directly to your PPT or PDF.

 Maintain consistently high quality – Managers dramatically save time as well. Just review once and done…subsequent reports are cloned with updated numbers…less room for error and no need for cumbersome reviews…

 Would you like a sneak peek of the Report Builder in action? Contact us for a demo!

Happy Listening!

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