Campaigns Just Got Smarter With Synthesio And Marketo

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Campaigns Just Got Smarter With Synthesio And Marketo


We are really excited to announce that today, Synthesio has formally integrated with Marketo, Inc. (NASDQ: MKTO) to enable marketers to better personalize their engagement, and leverage a complete view of their customers’ online voice over time.

This strategic partnership is a result of our pursuit to offer marketers the ability to gain a complete view of their customer, a complete picture of their online presence and tie social data back to business metrics and performance. We’re really excited that this new capability will provide marketers with an even greater understanding of the role social media and an online presence plays in the customer lifecycle, and will bring social even closer to marketing and sales funnels.

So, what does this mean for you?

There are a great number of ways that you will be able to use this new integration to help you improve your customer interactions. You will now have smarter, more holistic data and, in turn smarter campaigns.

Turn Your Social Fans Into Leads

You use Synthesio’s Social Intelligence platform to find the people that are talking about your brand, and these users should be leads. Now that is possible because with this integration you will be able to quickly create new leads in Marketo from users in your Synthesio dashboards.

You can even add your social fans to the lists you’ve already created in Marketo. Synthesio dynamically pulls in all your Marketo lists so you can quickly fill out your lists easily without switching platforms.

Know Your Customer’s Complete Backstory

In order to send out the best and most effective message to your customers, you must have a complete understanding of them, and until now, combining social data and lead activity has been a challenge. With Social Lead Lookup, you can now view a social user’s Marketo lead record within your Synthesio dashboards. See the full picture of what your customers are saying so you can send them content that’s relevant and timely.

If you want to learn more about Synthesio and its integration with Marketo, and you’re at the Marketo Marketing Nation™ Summit 2015, look for us at booth 34. If you’re not, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to tell you more!

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