“Synthesio nahoditsja vKontakte s Rossiej”

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“Synthesio nahoditsja vKontakte s Rossiej”


(Synthesio is in ‘vKontakte’ with Russia)


The Eastern Facebook

vKontakte is Russia’s leading social network.  Often compared to Facebook, it has a similar design and color scheme, and offers the same functionality; you can add friends, communicate via a Chat function, or publish on your own or others’ walls. Like Facebook, vKontakte launched in 2006 by Pavel Durov, and was originally dedicated to students before expanding to all Internet users. Since then, it has grown to become Russia’s most popular social media destination and a key driver of content sharing.

Too Much Freedom?

A notable feature of vKontakte is the great freedom it gives its users to share a wide spectrum of content and media. However, this has drawbacks; the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) has identified vKontakte as one of the largest destinations for the illegal sharing of music, whilst the site is often prone to pornographic spam, despite the fact that minors have access from the age of 12 and there is no protection against this. It is also possible to search for users based on their geographical location, gender, and their marital status – which harks back to the ‘old days’ of Facebook and Myspace, but is much less restrictive than their current iterations.

An Inescapable Network in Russia

Russians spend an average 22 hours per month on the Internet and spend a large part of that time on social networks, engaging and sharing content. According to ComScore, a Russian internet user spends on average two times longer (9.8 hours per month) on social networks than anywhere else in the world.

Couple that with the fact that vKontakte dominates the market with 23.5 million active users, leaving little room for Facebook (10.7 million users in Russia), it is clear that it is a key entry point to the Russian consumer market.


Synthesio Taps Into the Russian Market

Since May 20, 2012, vKontakte has been added to the sources monitored by Synthesio to help you better understand your Russian consumers. All conversations and content published publically on the network can be collected by our tools and then integrated into a dashboard to monitor brand reputation in the Russian market.

In addition, every mention of your brand is identified and classified according to the topics addressed and the number of shares, so you can quickly identify the content most influential to your business and prevent any negative buzz.
To find out more about our tools and how we can help you harness the conversations of your Russian customers,
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