Synthesio’s First Step into Japan Market

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Synthesio’s First Step into Japan Market


20150217_140546The Marketo Summit Japan event was recently concluded with a blast where 1,200 professionals from various industries gathered to hear from the Marketing Automation leader in Tokyo on February 17, 2015. Marketo Japan began its full scale development within the Japanese market in March 2014 following a strong demand for marketing automation solutions. This event also marks Synthesio’s first and official step into the Japanese market where Synthesio participated as an event sponsor.

Key executives from Marketo including Yasutaka Fukuda, Phil Fernandez, and Sanjay Dholakia shared best practices in Engagement Marketing and guest speaker Don E. Schultz from Northwestern University provided thought leadership on better engagement with consumers using one-to-one marketing.

With a continuous growing demand for marketing automation, Marketo aims to further stimulate this trend that exists due to a service gap where companies try hard to fulfill consumers’ needs but end up overloading consumers with information. When consumers are overloaded with information, companies find themselves helpless in the quest to send optimized marketing content since consumers are tuning out and marketers need to find innovative ways to reach out and convert consumers into true brand advocates.

It is important to communicate with customers and personalize the interaction with every single customer to provide them with exactly what they are looking for. This begins with listening to how customers behave on platforms and responding in the most appropriate manner possible. It is important to pick up conversations where they were left and provide customers with what they are looking for.

Crafting marketing campaigns for long-term dialogues with customers is enabled by Marketo’s marketing automation solutions and Synthesio believes our participation in this event will be pivotal in gaining traction within the Japanese market.


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