Synthesio’s IMPACT: Connect Social Data to Business Metrics

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Synthesio’s IMPACT: Connect Social Data to Business Metrics


Exciting news from Synthesio! Our Social Intelligence and social media listening tool will now be providing marketers with the ability to understand how to tie social data and performance, including the work being done and money being spent, back to business analytics, through the release of IMPACT.  These new return on investment (ROI) metrics will allow Synthesio to continue to provide clients with the best global Social Intelligence available.

Synthesio IMPACT will allow customers to manage and optimize their brand’s social activities by tracking the awareness, acquisition, activation and satisfaction of their audience over the desired time frame, and as conversations are happening.

Synthesio IMPACT allows marketers to:

  •      Segment their audience & target communication by buying stage and engagement level
  •      Differentiate leads across the customer buying cycle
  •      Measure conversions through the buying stages
  •      Identify relevant sales prospects for social lead generation
  •      Identify and build influencer lists with integrated user profiles from different social sources
  •      Analyze user acquisition and retention across owned channels and sub-channels.

For more information, check out our press release about IMPACT here.

Synthesio IMPACT

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