Talking Social Listening Road Maps at Forrester’s Forum

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Talking Social Listening Road Maps at Forrester’s Forum


We were thrilled to be able to attend Forrester’s latest forum in Chicago, Forrester’s Forum For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals. It was an incredible opportunity to learn, teach and discuss how to successfully roll out and plan your digital presence and Social Listening strategy.  It is always fun for us when we get to talk to people who are trying to learn as much as they can about our favorite subject, how to implement and enhance their customer experience journey through social media.


Synthesio CEO Loic Moisand’s presentation at the Forrester Forum in Chicago

The number one thing that we learned was something that our CEO Loic Moisand actually addressed in his session: leading organizations have definitely brought social media into their company, however their biggest struggle is to find the business value and ROI in the social media data. This is where Social Intelligence comes in, and we sure do love to talk about it, so it was great to hear Loic discuss how to use Social Intelligence to optimize the journey through a customer’s life-cycle by building a customer-focused social practice, establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) at each stage to make sure you’re staying on-point, engage with consumers across the entire life-cycle through social media and make sure that social media is actually integrated into your entire businesses’ corporate strategy and road map.

Some other great highlights from the Forum (outside of the amazing and seemingly never-ending food) included:

  • Meeting with exciting and energized brand teams that were eager to soak up as much information as they could about how to enhance their customer experience journey through social.
  • Learning from incredibly smart and forward-thinking brands that have already begun (and succeeded) to incorporate social media as a viable channel in their overall omni-channel user experience strategy.
  • Meeting and speaking with the folks responsible for improving the customer experience at brands that I do business with regularly, and realizing just how much they care about improving their store’s customer experience.
  • Obviously, we can’t mention the Forrester Forum without saying how great it was to meet with key Forrester analysts for insights into the marketing trends that they are seeing develop for 2015

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