Thanks to all for making Monitoring Social Media in NY a Success!

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Thanks to all for making Monitoring Social Media in NY a Success!


Thanks to everyone that was able to attend the Monitoring Social Media Conference in New York City November 4, 2010.

#MSM10 buzzed on Twitter throughout the day

This past Thursday, we counted over 1,500 mentions of MSM10 on Twitter, with multiple attendees live-blogging the event and posting videos and pictures as well.

Chris Kieff live-blogged the sessions from:

Katie Delahaye Payne, on engagement and analysis:

“Measuring engagement is not about justifying your budget.  It’s not about measuring computers, it’s about measuring people and people are messy.”

“Content Analysis – really must be done by humans today and for the near future.  The mistaken pieces of  information picked up by the automatic system are numerous to go without being cleaned.  Any keyword set will produce erroneous results.”

Loic Moisand, on matching measurement with your brand’s personality:

“No more focus groups [are needed] anymore. Using social media you can gather the answers you need without asking the specific question, therefore alerting your competitors.”

“Boring brands” can become interesting. Compare the Meerkat is an example of a brand that made car insurance entertaining :

Corey Hartlen, on listening:

“How are you listening?

Why are you listening?

What can we learn with the listening we’ve done.  How do we turn it into actionable intelligence?”

Giles Palmer, on using Social Media marketing to drive traffic:

“If you start with a broad search, you then improve the searches and narrow down.  Distribute these reports to the organization and let people know that the data can’t be used to compare historically.  The important thing is to communicate the current state of the info.   Eventually lock the data down and don’t make any more changes unless its imperative to do so.”

All followed by a panel on using monitoring to Benchmark & Measure ROI

You can catch up on the afternoon sessions here, as well, including presentations from Chase McMichael of Infinigraph, Jodee Rich of PeopleBrowser, Seth Grimes on sentiment analysis, and a panel on the future of social media monitoring during which Loic le Meur said he “sees the future of social media monitoring becoming the main source for leads in sales.”

Other blog posts and live-blogs by :

Don’t forget to sign up for the events in London (November 22nd) and Paris (December 10)

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