The Online Influence Conference 2015 Social Media Breakdown

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The Online Influence Conference 2015 Social Media Breakdown



Last week, Synthesio continued its tour of global events at The Online Influence Conference (Oi15) that took place in the UK at Cardiff’s City Hall. This exciting event attracted many key decision makers, social influencers.

Oi 2015 was a chance for attendees to learn how to maximise their digital, social and mobile marketing efforts, and find out what’s next for our industry. Synthesio was honoured to have two speakers at the event:

First, Oliver Lewis, Global Insights Director, spoke about social segmentation in his session: Influencing your Influencer Groups: Social Segmentations. Oliver explained that in order to get the most out of social for your brand, it is crucial that you understand all of the different groups that interact with you all the time. It is also important that you are able to identify how you should be speaking to each different group, and what content you should be providing each audience.

Michael Page, UK Sales Director, was a panelist at Oi 2015’s closing debate: The Future of Social Technology, hosted by William Conner from Price Waterhouse Cooper. The session focused on answering key questions around the differences between social business and social media; how to get business leaders excited about social business, how to build and maintain trust, how customer service is developing in the social environment, and how to anticipate the market and gain insights.

With more than 3,340 online mentions, generating over 8 million impressions across Twitter, Oi 2015 clearly caused quite a stir.

Top Influencers at the Online Influence Conference Oi 2015:


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