The *Other* Three Best Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation

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The *Other* Three Best Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation


The Wall Street Journal recently published an article entitled “Three Best Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation“. The article’s introduction was promising, but the tips to “improve” your online reputation, however, much left to be desired.


We would like to, then, make a few adjustments to the article from an online monitoring point of view in an effort to truly improve your online reputation:

1. Reach out immediately to dissatisfied and satisfied reviewers.

Before you do any “reaching out”, you have to know what people are saying about you online. Engaging can only make sense once you have listened and analyzed how Internet users are communicating about your brand. Identify influencers on both ends of the spectrum to know who the influential talking about your brand is. Reaching out to only dissatisfied customers may come across as being too defensive, plus it means that you are forgetting to include your brand advocates in the conversation. While companies may feel the impulse to respond to negative reviews first, positive conversations about their brand are important, too.

2. Don’t think you can Flood search engines with content you can control. You can’t control content online. You can control customer service.

The Internet is an unforgiving medium that does not delete the records of Internet users’ comments. Nor should you! One of the reasons for listening to online brand conversations is to hear the negative as well as the positive comments. Internet users’ comments can help management spot flaws in your marketing mix that may not have been previously identified. A customer online is the same as a customer standing in front of you; except all of your past, current, and future clients are watching how you handle his or her complaint.

3. Appeal to bloggers and others within your community to review your company or your product.

Influencers are present not only on blogs but also in forums, on social networking sites, on online press sites, etc. Establishing trusting relationships with them can mean generating word of mouth. And who knows, maybe you’ll even earn a few whuffies in the meantime.


What do you think? If you’re interested, check out our tips for responding to negative comments online. Though it was written for hotel professionals, they can apply to a number of businesses.

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