The Royal Ascot: Horses, Fashion and Social Media!

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The Royal Ascot: Horses, Fashion and Social Media!


ASCOT, ENGLAND - JUNE 16:  Isabell Kristensen and daughter Nichola Kristensen attend day 1 of Royal Ascot on June 16, 2015 in Ascot, England. (Photo by Anwar Hussein/WireImage)The Royal Ascot is one of the UK’s most lavish sporting events of the year, where horses and jockeys from around the world meet and compete for more than £5.5 million in prize money. Founded in 1711, the event is always attended by the Queen herself and other members of the Royal Family, along with many other dignitaries and socialites.

Yet, as with any major sporting event in the year 2015, the Royal Ascot isn’t all about the horses, it’s also about Fashion! Away from the action, many race goers treat the stands and paddock as a catwalk with the famous Ladies’ Day, which took place last Thursday, providing a perfect stage for those who want to impress. Every year the event attracts the glamorously dressed from around the country, looking to show off their latest looks, hats and outfits. The Royal Ascot operates a strict dress code, which varies depending on which part of the grounds you’re in and your gender. Have a look at the ‘Royal Ascot style guide’ video here.

With the global appeal of the Royal Ascot and its fashionable off-the-course aspect to it, we took the opportunity to track the buzz around this exciting event, and of course the fashion that accompanies it.

Out of more than 80,500 online mentions during the event, almost 11% occurred around the hat designers and popular colours worn at the event. 63% of these mentions obviously came from the UK, but the global appeal of this event was visible by the fact that 20% of the conversations came from North America, and 3% from Australia and New Zealand. The hashtag “#LadiesDay” was used more than 1,150 times and #LikeNowhereElse was used 1,658 times.

The UK’s best hat designers and milliners, whom the racecourse collaborated with to mark the occasion, formed the Royal Ascot Collective. Of the six members in this group, Rachel Trevor Morgan created the most buzz with 58.4% of all mentions, followed by Philip Treacy with 15.9% and Noel Stewart with 7.8%.

hat designers

So what were the most fashionable colours at the Royal Ascot? Based on the responses on social media, the top colours were:

  • Aquamarine (24.3% of all online mentions) – worn by Princess Beatrice
  • Strawberry Ice (Pink) (21.8%)– worn by the Queen
  • Custard (18.9%) – worn by Princess Anne

Even though the Royal Ascot dress style code for the event is fairly strict that hadn’t stopped some attendees making their own interpretations of the rules.  Many online conversations were driven by the art couture designer Larisa Katz who at the Royal Ascot turned up in outfits made out of recycled plastic spoons.


Did you watch the Royal Ascot? Let us know what you paid more attention to: the horse races that were going on, or the makeshift fashion show?

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