The secret to turning your Facebook page into an effective social customer service channel

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The secret to turning your Facebook page into an effective social customer service channel


For a big brand, having a Facebook page is expected and important in this social media age. But having a Facebook page, and running one effectively, are two different things.

Whilst big brands will usually attract hundreds or thousands of ‘fans’ to their Facebook page automatically, many of whom will post on their wall, the difficulty arises in trying to answer all questions and engage with these fans appropriately, in an attempt to foster a community. Responding to customer questions is especially important if they are technical or customer service related, and customers rightly expect quick and accurate responses to these issues.

Why is social customer service on Facebook so hard to get right?

Facebook Page

The catalyst for these difficulties lies in the current Facebook page interface. Facebook does not offer a search engine on your wall, so your customers don’t have the ability to find specific discussions. Your answers are neither archived nor classified, so customers may end up asking the same questions over and over again.

In addition,  these questions do not always correspond to the editorial purpose or tone of voice of the page (e.g. playful/engaged). For example, if an appliance brand attempts to promote its brand values and marketing campaigns on its page, and fans start saying, “I have a problem with my dishwasher”, the page can quickly become customer service-centric – and deleting posts like this is not an option, as tempting as it might be.

Finally, Facebook does not accommodate the emergence of “super users”. Unlike a forum, their history on the page is not visible, and so such active users aren’t highlighted as influential or knowledgeable customers, and can’t drive the development of a community.

So what’s the solution?

Given these constraints, there is a need to centralize customers’ questions and the answers to them, in order to better manage your page and satisfy your customers. Each of your answers to a technical issue, such as a product query or delivery problem, should be easily found and accessed by all your customers. By creating a space dedicated to customer service issues, you can allow your customers to find a quick solution to their problem and at the same time preserve the editorial feel of the wall.

The “one-to-one” relationship that you would normally have with your customers on a typical Facebook page, hence becomes a “one-to-many.” Three key elements will help you in this process:

A search engine that allows the user to find an answer without having to ask the question.
A great interface to enhance the contributors’ user experience and encourage them to help the community.
A ‘back office’ functionality to help track customer relationships on Facebook and facilitate the sharing of customer information with relevant departments (Customer Service, Marketing, R & D).

Synthesio has developed the Facebook Community app to do all of these things. In a dedicated tab, your fans will find all your answers to their questions and you can centralize all contributions relating to defined issues like customer service.

Facebook Page Community App

Synthesio’s Facebook Community app offers a whole host of features and settings to make the management of your Facebook page simple and efficient:

– Tab dedicated to customer service issues and other user-defined categories
– Categorisation of customer returns
– Quick access to answers
– Search Tool
– Certification of messages
– Exchange private messages
– Management of exchange

If you’re interested in transforming your Facebook page into a true customer relationship channel, email to find out more information.

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