The Top Influencers Driving The Conversation At The 140 Conference 2013

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The Top Influencers Driving The Conversation At The 140 Conference 2013


The State of NOW, also widely known as the 140 (Characters) Conference, is a social media-fuelled two-day conference held in NYC. It takes online interaction and turns it into a dynamic, fast-paced in-person conference. 140 Conferences are reflective of 140 character Tweets, with a steady stream of presenters climbing on and off the stage in 10-minute intervals. This year’s conference focuses on the State of YOU – exploring how social media and new technologies are disrupting and changing the state of Health, Wellness, Fitness, and Food.

Some of the top trending topics being tweeted during the event so far, include health, yoga, fitness, love, life, fun, food and learn – representative of the thought-provoking and innovative sessions centered around this year’s theme of health, wellness and YOU.

At Synthesio, we focus on global social media monitoring & engagement, so naturally, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to analyze a social media-charged event of this magnitude. We’ve tracked all Twitter conversations surrounding The State of NOW 2013, to provide you with engaging insights around the overall online reach of the event, and our list of top influencers driving the conversations.

So, now it’s halftime for the 140 Characters Conference, and we invite you to stand up, stretch, grab a drink, and enjoy the Synthesio 140 Conference Halftime Report. Congrats to the top influencers, and don’t forget to check back for the full Post-Game Analysis!

Total 140 Conference Tweets So Far

2, 651!

Top 10 Influencers


Did you make the Top 10 Influencer List for the 140 Conf 2013? If not, get tweeting! Use the hashtags #140conf, #140you and #140conf13. Good luck! 

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