The Value of Non-Automating

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The Value of Non-Automating


We are living in modern times, where automation and speed is essential for a company wishing to be competitive and succeed. However, automation has its challenges.

Do you remember the movie Modern Times by Charlie Chaplin?

Problem after problem because of machines being valued over human knowledge.

We believe that social media is one medium that should not become fully automated, lest it lose the human quality that makes it valuable.

Machines and computers are only as powerful as the human minds behind them. That said, a monitoring tool’s database should be built using sources that are pertinent to the client’s needs and filter out unnecessary noise like ads or blogroll links. The comments that Internet users make are the golden nuggets of information that can be invaluable when carefully aggregated and analyzed.

When a PR or marketing executive can look at a dashboard and immediately point to which key topic is being talked about the most and drill down to the data, that is something tangible that they can use to develop their next campaign. When a marketing researcher can identify communities in real time that allow him or her to identify insights otherwise unexplored, social media monitoring’s value shines.

Of course, we are not suggesting that all social media monitoring can be performed by hand; it would be far too expensive and time-consuming. What we are suggesting is that sourcing and sentiment analysis be performed manually, meaning  that human knowledge workers that can truly identify the source of an article (for example, in the UK vs the US) and its sentiment be used to provide meaningful data that agencies can use.

Nathan Gilliatt, social media expert and writer of the Net-Savvy Executive Blog, recently wrote about the Non-Automation of Insight. John Jantsch has also written of ways to combine automation with a personal touch, and Josh Lysne wrote about the difference between using automation to publish material vs. using it to engage with social media users.

If you wouldn’t want mindless computers engaging with your customers, why would you rely on them 100% for your decision-making data and analyses?

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by Michelle

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