This Week in Social Media – The Friday Rundown

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This Week in Social Media – The Friday Rundown


This is our first week to publish our Friday Social Media Rundown, rounding up the top stories in social media for the week, to keep you up to speed on the latest in industry trends, technology and social media news.

From Twitter announcing the company going public (in a tweet, of course), to AT&T’s cringe-worthy content marketing fail on Sept. 11 – it has certainly been an exciting week in the social sphere.

 Here are the week’s greatest hits, fails and top headlines in social media.

Twitter Files for IPO via Mashable

Twitter has filed initial paperwork to go public, the company revealed on Thursday. The company tweeted its announcement on Thursday afternoon.

Twitter Unveils Exclusive Feature For Verified Users via Mashable

Twitter announced a new feature this week, to help its verified users better manage their Twitter conversations.The update will allow verified users (those with the blue check marks) to filter their Twitter mentions within the “Connect” tab above their feed.Verified users can now view their mentions in three separate categories: all, filtered, and verified. The idea is to help those users identify the conversations that may be most important to them by sifting out the spam.

AT&T Slammed on Twitter and Facebook For Sept. 11 Marketing Move via ABC News

On its Facebook and Twitter accounts, AT&T shared a photo Wednesday morning of a phone with picture of the memorial lights for the Twin Towers on its screen with the caption “Never Forget.” It has since been taken down, though not before it accrued more than 300 retweets and 400 shares on Facebook. Along with many of those shares came loud criticism of the company for using the tragedy as a marketing opportunity.


Academics Launch Fake Social Network to Get an Inside Look at Chinese Censorship via MIT Technology review

New research shows China’s online censorship relies on a competitive market where companies vie to offer the best speech-suppressing technology and services.

NASA Launches Instagram Account via Our Social Times

NASA has launched an Instagram account “that will take its fans on an out-of-this-world journey through images of Earth and beyond,” according to a news release from the federal agency known for its use of social media. It plans to use both new and archived photos and videos.

Flying Frog Caught on Camera at NASA Moon Rocket Launch via ABC News

NASA’s unmanned LADEE rocket headed to the moon with an unexpected passenger, a small frog which was caught on camera launching into the air from its home in the marshy wetlands surrounding the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. One of three still-cameras setup around the launch site, triggered by sound, caught the small frog in the air. The frog is hard to miss in the photo with its arms and legs spread wide surrounded by debris from the wetlands, also lifted up by the power of the rocket’s engines. The photo was posted to NASA’s Instagram account.


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