7 Hottest Summer Social Media Campaigns

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7 Hottest Summer Social Media Campaigns


summer-beachSummer is finally here. Grills are getting dusted off and sparked up, summer Blockbusters are making their way to the cinema, beaches are opening for the season, and brands are already beginning to jump into gear with their seasonally creative social marketing plans.

Here’s a look at a few of the very hottest and brightest summer social media campaigns to help get your creative juices flowing and heat up your summer marketing plans.

Visa’s Memory Mapper

For Summer 2011 Visa introduced the Memory Mapper app to its Facebook page, using Google Maps satellite technology, and allowing users to map their own memories. The app allowed users to upload photos, videos, and captions to create a time-capsule of their trip. To put the finishing touch on the user-generated content, Visa included pre-selected music tracks.


The promotion called for users to, not only use the tool to create a keepsake for themselves, but to spread word about the tool virally by sharing the keepsake with family and friends. Visa also gave away $100,000 to one lucky winner for the trip of a lifetime.

Budweiser’s “Walk-Off a Hero”

Last summer, in cooperation with the Folds of Honor foundation,  a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educational scholarships to families of fallen or injured soldiers. Budweiser donated $5,000 for every walk-off  in major league baseball. They used a custom Facebook landing page to keep a running total of the walk-offs for the year, and how much Budweiser has donated to the foundation.


“Walk-off a Hero,” successfully raised $2.5 million for the Folds of Honor Foundation,

The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel’s “Inn-Bedded Resorter”

The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel used its “Inn-Bedded Resorter” campaign to find the world’s first-ever “resorter,” a “social media guru” who would live at the hotel for summer months and use social media to share all of their experiences at the 8,000 acre resort.  Entries poured in from all over the world — after narrowing the field to a few finalists, The Balsams then used online voting to pick the winner.


For two months, the “resorter” blogged daily and posted social media updates, photos, and videos about all The Balsams had to offer. The campaign was a hit, and the hotel saw a 20% increase in bookings in August.

 Orange’s #ThisSummer Voiceover Campaign

Tapping into the Summer Hollywood Blockbuster theme, British Telecommunications company Orange asked users to submit their Summer plans via Twitter with the hashtag #ThisSummer – and the best tweets were selected and recorded by professional movie voiceover artists, transforming simple tweets into hilarious Hollywood-style voiceovers and uploaded onto their blog to download and share.


During the two weeks they recorded over 600 voiceovers, and had 2000 plus comments. Not only did this keep followers engaged with the brand, but it was fun, shareable, and in line with the brand’s communication image.

Pacifico’s “Well-Traveled Beer”

Over three weeks in June 2011, brewing company, Pacifico took off on a unique road trip from Mexico to the States, dropping off five kegs in five cities along the way.  From surf hangouts and bonfire parties to record pressing jams and mural paintings – they documented their experiences on facebook through posting photos, status updates and short videos. Each keg was painted by a local artist from each region.


Pacifico’s “Well-Traveled Beer” campaign successfully generated excitement and engagement around their brand, while furthering to cement their image as fun, engaging and creative.

Scandinavian Airlines’ “Summerflyet”

Crowdsourcing ideas from your community is an excellent way to glean insights about your community and customers while creating engagement around your brand. Scandinavian Airlines clearly understands the tremendous benefits in encouraging a community to share, capture and vote on ideas to create or improve products, service, packaging, and more. SAS took to Facebook to gather ideas from their Facebook fans for a limited-time summer route from Oslo.


SAS Summer Flight, 2012 received more than 4,000 votes in one week! The top vote opened a route from Oslo to Alanya in Turkey.

Walmart’s “Steak Over” Challenge

Last summer Walmart relaunched its presence across beef product lines with a money-back price guarantee, a Q&A social media video series, and an event marketing program. As part of the campaign, Walmart launched a Steak-Over Challenge, working with local steak houses in various cities throughout the US – to swap out its steaks for Walmart’s, and then surprise local diners with the actual product reveal.

Here’s a video, from their senior executive in charge of meat, used on Facebook.

That same executive responds to a customer’s question from their facebook page and explains why the new steaks are different and better.

Walmart’s “Steak Over” helped create transparency and engagement around the brand’s beef product line, while re-launching an old product.

Did we miss any? Tell us your favorite summer social marketing campaigns in the comments! Also, don’t forget to check The 2013 Social Media Summer Reading List.

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