The Top Social Media Insights Around LeWeb ’13 Paris – Post Game Report

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The Top Social Media Insights Around LeWeb ’13 Paris – Post Game Report


lewebLeWeb’13 Paris has come to an end, but with over 75,500 LeWeb mentions on social media over the past few days, it has definitely left its mark on the digital community of Paris and beyond.

Check out our Live Social Media Dashboard tracking all social media conversations surrounding LeWeb ’13 Paris; revealing engaging insights around the global reach of the event in our Twitter Heat Map, the hour-by-hour timeline of the evolution of LeWeb buzz, the hottest topics, and the top speakers and influencers driving the conversations.

Here are a few social media highlights from the event:

Total LeWeb Mentions

75, 562

Top 3 Speakers


Evolution of Social Buzz

The conversation peaked at an impressive level of over 7,000 mentions on LeWeb Day 2.


Twitter Heat Map

LeWeb tweets came from all over the world – with an especially intense frequency in Europe and USA.


Trending Topics

Some of the top trending topics being tweeted during the event include Art, Mobile, Amazing, Innovation, Twitter, Cloud, and Bitcoin – representative of the thought-provoking and innovative sessions centered around this year’s theme, exploring what the next ten years will hold for technology and communication.


Top 10 Influencers


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