The Top Social Media Insights Around LeWeb ’13 Paris

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The Top Social Media Insights Around LeWeb ’13 Paris


lewebToday is day one of LeWeb ’13 Paris! This three-day conference is known for assembling one of the greatest groups of web technology business leaders in the world – leaders and influencers who shape the future of the internet gather at LeWeb. On stage, industry leaders and visionaries, and in the audience, a perfect mix of entrepreneurs, large companies, influencers, VC’s and journalists.

In honor of the 10th anniversary of LeWeb Paris, This year’s theme focuses on “The Next 10 Years”. This universal theme explores several market segments (mobile, hardware, social, etc.) and what the next 10 years might hold.

We decided to launch a Live Social Media Dashboard to track all social media conversations surrounding LeWeb ’13 Paris, to provide you with engaging insights around the global reach of the event in our Twitter Heat Map, the hour-by-hour timeline of the evolution of LeWeb buzz, the hottest topics, and the top speakers and influencers driving the conversations.

Here are a few highlights from the event so far, and be sure to keep checking our Live Social Media Dashboard to keep track of all the buzz surrounding LeWeb ’13 Paris!

Total LeWeb Mentions So Far


Top 3 Speakers

#1 Guy Kawasaki (Motorola Business Unit, Google)
#2 Gary Vaynerchuk (Storytelling Entrepreneur)
#3 Stéphane Richard (Orange)

Top 10 Influencers


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